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California Bound

Price: $15 CD, $9.99 Download, or $45 Full Musical

State history, from early exploration through the Trans-Continental Railroad, told through brief narration and upbeat rock songs such as "I've Got Gold Fever", "Transportation Blues" and "It's Great To Be A State".  Full Musical Version includes teacher instructions, narration, performance rights, and lyric sheets.

Track List

1) California Bound
2) Explorers, Missionaries, Rancheros
3) I've Got Gold Fever
4) Mining The Miners
5) Boom Towns
6) It's Great To Be a State
7) Women of California
8) Transportation Blues
9) Building the Railroad
10) California Bound, reprise
11) California Bound - accompaniment
12) Explorers, Missionaries, Rancheros - accompaniment
13) I've Got Gold Fever - accompaniment
14) Mining The Miners - accompaniment
15) Boom Towns - accompaniment
16) It's Great To Be a State - accompaniment
17) Women of California - accompaniment
18) Transportation Blues - accompaniment
19) Building the Railroad - accompaniment
20) California Bound, reprise - accompaniment

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