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Smart Songs for Super Kids

We work with your students as a class, individually, and in small groups, providing accompaniment tracks, performance coaching, filming, and editing a final video.  Instructor Lauren Mayer has over 30 years experience in professional, youth, and school theater, as well as creating and editing performance videos for individual and corporate clients.

Seasonal, non-denominational songs to celebrate holidays of the seasons

Autumn Songs/
Winter Songs

Songs and introductions based on our award-winning album about Growth Mindset

The Power of Yet

A full musical play for California 4th graders, covering early settlers and the Gold Rush, through the Trans-Continental Railroad

California Bound

A full musical play for 5th grade, covering Native American history and colonial life,
through the American Revolution

The Story of America

We help students select and prepare repertory, combining each of their performances in a showcase of their unique talents they can share with family and friends

Virtual Variety Show

Large group performances and crowded auditoriums are on hold, but that doesn't mean students can't participate in an engaging, interactive arts performance experience. Research shows singing and acting significantly boost retention of curriculum, while strengthening confidence, communication, and collaborative skills. Working together on a show restores students' sense of connection, counteracting some of the challenges of distance learning. Choose from one of our existing curriculum-based programs, or we can work with you to design something just for you and your class.

Virtual performances & curriculum-based musicals for PreK-5 students

“Hey Kids, Let’s Put On a Show”

Raves & Reviews

“My students loved the songs - they're always referring back to the lyrics to remember the curriculum points."

Sarah Abbey, 4th grade teacher, San Mateo, CA

"California Bound is much more fun than most classroom music because these songs rock!"

Sam Barasch, 4th grade student