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Smart Songs for Super Kids

Facilitator Lauren Mayer is the co-founder and artistic director of Curriculum Rocks. She is an award-winning entertainer and songwriter with over 30 years experience with music education and entertainment, including online teaching, video creation, and moderating/producing virtual events.

Research shows that a growth mindset strongly supports both SEL and academic learning, especially for elementary school students - and music is a terrific way to teach this important concept by engaging and entertaining children while helping them develop emotional competency.

Curriculum Rocks founder and award-winning entertainer Lauren Mayer uses catchy songs and humor in a fast-paced, fun, literacy-based program which supports growth mindset development and reinforces reading through performances and lyric videos of original songs, including:

"The Power of Yet" (a key growth mindset concept)
"Hey You, Voice in My Head" (overcoming your inner critic)
"How Can I Fail Today?" (embracing mistakes as learning opportunities)

. . . and more.

The online version of this program adds interactive exercises and worksheets, and we even help students (and teachers!) acknowledge and deal with the challenges of distance learning through the growth mindset lens.

Growth Mindset Virtual Assembly

"The Power of Yet"

"The Power of Yet" is not only engaging for both kids and adults, but shares an important message that effort and the right strategies can help children work through setbacks."

Elena Epstein, National Parenting Product Awards Director

"The Power of Yet" has so many songs my students love. Kids are reminded in a cheerful way that the struggle is okay and that success is around the corner. Thanks for bringing such a positive message to our classroom!"

Diane Wingfield, 3rd grade teacher, Paso Robles, CA