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Smart Songs for Super Kids

Songwriter and facilitator Lauren Mayer is the co-founder of Curriculum Rocks and was the original music and singing teacher for Dance Art Center's Special Needs Arts Program, where she worked closely with special needs teachers. She has won numerous awards as a songwriter and entertainer and has over 30 years experience with educational music, including working with elementary school classes, youth theater, and private instruction, as well as being the composer/lyricist for Curriculum Rocks songs and musicals.

Research shows that a growth mindset strongly supports both SEL and academic learning, especially for elementary school students - and music is a terrific way to teach this important concept by engaging and entertaining children while helping them develop emotional competency. The songs and activities in this confidence-building program are based on input from special needs teachers, but they are appropriate for all elementary school students.

Curriculum Rocks founder and award-winning entertainer Lauren Mayer uses catchy songs and humor as well as audience involvement and directed movement. She reinforces her positive message through performances and lyric videos of original songs, including:

"Yes, I Can!" (overcoming obstacles)
"Let's Get Moving" (guided and repeated movement)
"Time to Change" (coping with transitions)
"Funny Food" (turning food-related issues into a playful game)
"Breathe" (self-calming and stress reduction) . . . and more

Songs and activities designed for younger students and students with special needs

“Yes, I Can”

Raves & Reviews

"I absolutely love having music that I can use with my special needs and abilities population. I always strive to find new and innovative ways to work with students, and Lauren's funny and movement-based songs are a big hit!"

Karina R, OTR/L (Pediatric Occupational Therapist)