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The Story of America

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American history, from Native Americans through the Revolution, with narration and contemporary songs like "Our Ancestral Land", "Daughters of Liberty" and "The Redcoats Are Seeing Red".  Full Musical Version includes downloadable teacher instructions, script, mp3s, performance rights, and lyric sheets.

Track List

1) The Story of America
2) Our Ancestral Land
3) Fit as a Fiddle (Three Colonial Regions)
4) The Seven Years War
5) Kids in the Colonies
6) Taxation Without Representation Blues
7) Daughters of Liberty
8) Revvin' for a Revolution
9) The Redcoats Are Seeing Red
10) The Story of America, reprise
11) The Story of America - accompaniment
12) Our Ancestral Land - accompaniment
13) Fit as a Fiddle (Three Colonial Regions) - accompaniment
14) The Seven Years War - accompaniment
15) Kids in the Colonies - accompaniment
16) Taxation Without Representation Blues - accompaniment
17) Daughters of Liberty - accompaniment
18) Revvin' for a Revolution - accompaniment
19) The Redcoats Are Seeing Red - accompaniment
20) The Story of America, reprise - accompaniment

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